Prime Glow IV Drips

    • Elite Drip

    Our lifestyle has become so hectic, where fatigue and unrelenting exhaustion impact our emotional and psychological well-being, due to reduced energy and concentration levels. This drip helps you detox and provides you with the perfect energy boost!

    What’s inside? Vitamin C + B complex + Glutamine + L-carnitine + Antioxidants

    • Myer’s Cocktail Drip

    This drip is a classic, formulated to support your wellbeing and helps boost your immunity. It is also the perfect solution for proper hydration!

    What’s inside? B complex + Magnesium + Vitamin C + Calcium + Antioxidants

    • Healing Drip

    This drip is a perfect for those who have undergone surgical GI procedures or orthopedic surgery. It offers the best nutrients to heal the gut or wounds and to set you on the road to a healthy and steady recovery.

    What’s inside? Magnesium + Vitamin C + Zinc +Amino Acids + Glutamine

    • Immunity Drip

    This drip is designed to support and boost your immune system with helpful antioxidants, minerals and proper hydration.

    What’s inside? Glutamine + Vitamin C + Zinc + Antioxidants + Trace Elements + Selenium

    • Glow Drip 

    Oxidative stress is a condition that can lead to cell and tissue damage and contribute to aging. This vitamin infusion contains a vitamin complex with antioxidant and Vitamin C – to ensure a glow from the inside and the outside. Healthy skin, healthy hair and healthy nails.

    What’s inside? B complex + Vitamin C + Magnesium + Antioxidants

    • Energy Drip

    This drip is specifically formulated for athletes – it helps provide rehydration, it lowers the chance of muscle cramping and helps promote a smooth recovery (minimizing pain and inflammation after exercise)! It can also provide symptom relief for athletes suffering from moderate to severe dehydration because of sports

    What’s inside? Vitamin C + B Complex + L- Arginine content + L-carnitine

    • Mood Boost Drip

    This drip is designed to boost the body’s natural serotonin levels. It is perfect if you are under stressed, anxious or having difficulty sleeping. It helps improve your mood!

  • What’s inside? Magnesium + B complex
    • Post Bariatric Drip
  • Post bariatric patients suffer from several nutrient deficiencies post-surgery. This drip is specifically tailored to help promote a good nutritional status after surgery.
  • What’s inside? Trace minerals + Essential Lipids + Amino acids + B complex + Glucose